Globalization in marketing and interculturality has become the success factor for a smooth international market entry

For any company and organization that wants to operate in international markets, the question arises: can I handle different foreign markets in a standardized way, or do I have to use an individualized marketing strategy for a product launch or market entry?


In the home market proven strategies and instruments often fail due to the market culture and the historically grown social cultures and behaviors.

Culture of the specific country must be understood as a system of orientation (language, religion, values, traditions, self-image, image of others, etc.) that is binding on the members of a society, organization or other social group.

Societies, markets, economic systems and the legal environment are shaped by this orientation and value system which, however, gradually merges with a global world culture.

When it comes to market entry, global marketing management must pay particular attention to the intercultural component of segmentation, positioning, marketing mix, branding and communication policy in order to be successful in international markets.

Autor: Franz Schreiber


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